After 40 years in business and more than 100,000 vehicles delivered, MHQ knows that fast delivery is most important to our customers.

What Delays Fast Delivery?

Fast delivery is a challenge for every upfitter. Vehicles and SUVs often take 12-16 weeks to be built and delivered from the OEM before upfitting can even start, and delivery on some trucks can take more than a year.

Our Solution:

MHQ revolutionized the industry in 2018 with Advantage Build, the brainchild of co-owner Patty Ribakoff. By having the most popular upfit items already in stock along with dedicated vehicles containing the most requested specifications on hand, we improve build to delivery time by a significant amount.

What We Offer:

MHQ has invested more than $1,000,000 in upfit inventory for Advantage Build alone and offers Advantage Build SUVs with three different levels of equipment.

In 2019, MHQ added the most popular truck specifications to our Advantage Build program. Understanding that truck chassis and some bodies often take a year to get, MHQ now reduces build and delivery time by keeping the most in demand bodies – including dumps, racks, utilities, snowplows, and sanders – in stock.

If fast delivery is your priority, we have you covered with Advantage Build. MHQ also continues to customize cars and trucks to our customers’ exact specifications if desired.