July 9, 2018

MHQ Advantage Build Program Exceeding Expectations

Here at MHQ, we are always seeking ways to continually improve our services. In an effort to help significantly reduce the time from order to delivery, we proudly launched the MHQ Advantage Build Program in April of 2018. Since its launch, we have found great success in drastically reducing the turnaround time of our Police Interceptor Utility vehicles. With the Advantage Build Program, customers can choose from a series of options within a Whelen or Federal Signal Equipment Package.

“Offering these specific packages, with the ‘most common’ build equipment, allows us to keep the equipment in-stock right here at our headquarters location,” notes Eric Withers, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “When a customer orders an Advantage Build package, we already have everything that we need right here on site – no waiting for equipment deliveries. Our team has turned vehicles in as little as 3 days! Our customers are ecstatic!” 

We look forward to proving to YOU how quickly we can turn around your next Interceptor Utility!


Police Department (Central Massachusetts)

“Thank You MHQ! We can’t believe you turned around our new utility that quick. As always – excellent build, excellent team. Can’t wait to take delivery of our next utility next week.”

Police Department (North Shore)

“I can’t say enough about the new build program. I was sure it was going to take at least three month to get our new utility but we had it in under a week. This is industry changing stuff!”

Fire Department (Cape & Islands)

“We needed a truck fast due to one being totaled. I called MHQ to order a new one and they told me about the new Advantage Build Program. I built the new truck through the program and got a call four days later saying the truck was ready for pick up. I couldn’t believe it… I thought they were joking! Our fleet was back on track in less than a week. We’ll definitely be using this program again!”