MAPC/GBPC 2020 Aftermarket Equipment 2020 Aftermarket Equipment MAPC/GBPC
MAPC/GBPC 2020 Dodge Vehicles  2020 Dodge Public Safety Vehicles MAPC/GBPC
MAPC/GBPC 2020 Ford Vehicles  2020 Ford Public Safety Vehicles MAPC/GBPC
PCC 2021 Chrysler-Dodge Vehicles & Accessories 2020 Chrysler-Dodge Public Service Vehicles & Accessories Plymouth County Commissioners
PCC 2021 Ford Vehicles & Accessories 2020 Ford Public Service Vehicles & Equipment Plymouth County Commissioners
PCC 2021 Toyota Vehicles & Equipment 2020 Toyota Public Service Vehicles & Equipment Plymouth County Commissioners
FIR04 Public Safety Equipment  Commonwealth of Massachusetts OSD
ITC47 Rugged Computers/Equipment Commonwealth of Massachusetts OSD
VEH-98 Ford & Toyota Vehicles/equipment Commonwealth of Massachusetts OSD
SP12-VEH-F83 Vehicle Maintenance Mass State Police
SP15- Com Post-F64 Service of Command Post Vehicles Mass State Police
SP16-MSPVEH-F80 Marked/Unmarked Police Vehicles Mass State Police
MDOTBOSTON14 Medium Duty Trucks Mass DOT
11PSX0117 Emergency Response/Law Enforcement Equipment Emergency Response/Law Enforcement Equipment Connecticut Dept Admin Services
12PSX0194 Ford Police Interceptors Ford Police Interceptors Connecticut Dept Admin Services
15PSX0221 Purchase of Panasonic Arbitrator/Computers Purchase of Panasonic Arbitrator/Computers Connecticut Dept Admin Services
16PSX0033 Safety Lighting & Warning Devices Safety Lighting & Warning Devices Connecticut Dept Admin Services
MHEC (Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium MHEC